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It was my first golf vacation. A seven day back to back golf trip down south in the fall of 2014 that the idea of 3C Underwear first came to mind. I recall the defining moment, I’m on a par 3, it's 80 degrees, feels like 95 with the humidex, l'm hot, sweaty and I am on fire down there and I end up teeing two golf balls off the tee, both into the pond in front of me. I wanted to jump in the pond and join them!

It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention and encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem.

When I got back from that golf trip I swore I would never suffer in the heat like that again and would find a solution to the heat buildup in my groin area, the burning, the itching, the chafing in my high inner thigh/groin area and the chance of embarrassment of a sweaty butt showing through to my outer garment. The search began to find functional underwear with specific criteria that had features and benefits that would keep me Cool, Comfortable, Confident.

I tried many brands in an attempt to try and solve some of the issues I experienced, but they failed me and left me pondering the idea of making my own. My experience was not just limited to that day I played golf, I first experienced jock itch (tinea cruris) issues when I was 15 at one of my first part-time jobs unloading boxes of goods in 110 degree box cars. I experienced these issues when I played competitive hockey, as a Sales Executive when I traveled and at trade shows, I experienced these issues when I traveled by car or air and especially when vacationing down south to the Caribbean with the hot climates and airports. I experience these issues when I work outside around the yard and cottage. My issues could flare up during any one of these activities, but it was that golf trip that was the defining moment when I decided I would search for a solution or design and make my own underwear that would work in any situation and solve all my problems at one time.

Almost three years later, designing and testing prototypes, I now have a functional and stylish undergarment that works for me. After many discussions with those who have experienced these issues, I decided I would bring my design and product to market and share with those who experience similar problems and discomforts in their daily lives.

In a tribute to my mother, who used to always ask us boys, did you change your BVDs today? I can say, yes mom, I finally changed my underwear!

And finally to those family and friends that believed and encouraged me in my underwear project, I want to say thank you very much for your support and to those that did not, I say, it's time to change your underwear!


Paul R Lystiuk

Founder - 3C Underwear