l had bought my husband several pairs of your briefs several years ago and he loves them so much that he has worn them out! I would like to buy at least 8 more pairs of your briefs!  He had a hard time finding a pair of underwear that felt truly comfortable, but as soon as he tried on 3CUnderwear, he was hooked! He told me that he never wanted to wear any other kind!!   Francesse Kopczewski

 I bought three pairs and use them only for golfing. I want to tell you that your underwear rock!  No more sweaty you know what's..... Bruce Wells

 I've been wearing 3Cool 5 times a week and it's been life changing! From bike commuting in the cold weather to being active teaching kindergarten they are still surpassing my expectations after 6 months of use!  Richard Prager

 I wanted to let you know that l think you have a truly great product. I have been wearing the 3COOL Style now for several weeks at work and they are a vast improvement over any other underwear l had previously owned. Working in an inside industrial environment, the vented front has greatly helped with overheating and the top access is a brilliant design change over the traditional fly. As they are the most comfortable underwear that l have owned, l have just purchased an additional two pair. A+ on this unique Canadian offering.  Darren Jollimore 

"Thanks so much. These are really comfortable! l just ordered a pair to Nova Scotia for my dad for Father's Day"  Richard Prager 

These are easily the best pair of underwear l have ever owned. Thank you for designing such a quality product. l will be ordering more soon.  Sean Mulholland

Thanks for the fast delivery of my 3 pairs of underwear. There was nothing wrong with the 2 1/2 year old pairs l have; just that l put on some weight. The old ones have held their shape really well and just too tight now.  Rick Kwissa 

  l thought l'd drop you a note to say l am very impressed with 3C underwear. They are the most comfortable underwear l own. The nest is key to keeping my junk together and not all over the place - total win! The venting is a big plus for me too to keep me cool. Finally, the panties, as Chris French says, are just so comfy! Thank you Mike Kilpatrick

  l have been wearing 3C Underwear for a few years and appreciate the comfort and quality. I have also been jogging for decades. Before l started using 3C Underwear, Winter runs were challenging. Frozen bits and chafing were a reoccurring hazard. I now wear my 3C Underwear exclusively on my winter runs which are perfect for comfort and protection.  Thank you.  Denis Desnoyers 

  Another order placed today for my hubby! He says he has never been so comfortable.  Lynne Desrocher Ortolan

  Congratulations 3C for creating simply the BEST underwear in the world!! I am a 67-year old 4-time Olympian in the sport of water polo and I know something about men's under garments and bathing suits. After 60+ years of discomfort and constant 'readjusting', I found your company. Hallelujah!! -- I would highly recommend your product; you've got a huge fan -- cheers, David Hart

  After a few months, l've put them through a wide variety of activities (shovelling snow, hiking, helping a friend move, etc) and a bunch of washes. l can say with confidence these are some great underwear. Durable, breathable, comfortable.  Chris MacDonald

  My hubby says it is the most comfortable underwear he has ever owned...just placed a 2nd order!  Lynne Ortolan

  My wife bought me a pair of 3Comfortable underwear and l was skeptical. After wearing them to work for just one day, l was sold. They are the most comfortable underwear l've ever owned, and l've tried a lot of brands, from cheap to expensive, 3C's are light, they breathe and they stay in place to protect the areas they are meant to protect. I spoke with Paul when l was buying more, and he could not have been more helpful and pleasant to deal with. Thank you for sharing your 3C Design!  Jeff Mann

   Great underwear, l am very pleased with your product, l hope you have a very successful business and you continue to manufacture in Canada.   Ross Fisher

  These are the BEST Underwear l have ever worn!   Lorne Wilson

   My husband loves this underwear. He said it's the most comfortable he has ever worn!   Beth Delisle

  Great underwear and Canadian made.  I already own a pair of your cool underwear and use them when I take my Pilates classes during the week.  Keep up the good work!    Gord Simpson

   l was a little skeptical, but after trying my first pair l was sold and immediately ordered three more. Very well designed and constructed. Keeps things in place when sitting in the car; no pre-trip adjustments required! Shipping and service were excellent.   John Willins

   So far very happy with the purchase. Love the made in Canada aspect, the customer care and the marketing and promotion is spot on. Well done!   Kent MacDonald

   "lt is the best underwear l have worn"    Don, Nepean

    Would like to THANK YOU, for the prompt service and follow up. Very happy with the underwear and 3C.   Mark Harrison

   l have to give you another review for the product: it is perfect for sports! l've been wearing it for weeks going for long bike rides or for team sports and it's held up real well. Excellent work!   Ben Conrad

    Thank you for the very swift delivery of the underwear today. It seems like l just placed the order yesterday. My husband is quite pleased with the product.   Sylvia Vezina

   3C are the most comfortable underwear you will wear - period. The nest keeps you in place, no more 'emergency adjustments'; the horizontal access slot is genius; no more butt crack stuffing as experienced with other brands; the material and quality is top notch. These Made in Canada products are a must for every man.   Dave Salter

   Thanks for delivering the underwear last weekend. They are very comfortable. My order is in for more. Thanks Again!   Maurice B

   I decided this week to pull out old faithful (i.e. old Fruit of the Loom underwear) for a run.. and boy, did I pay the price. My skin chafed and I had a less than comfortable 50 minute run. I will never run without my 3C underwear - ever again.   P. Brown

   I received my 3C's, l must say l do enjoy them   L. Wilson

  Thank you for delivering the underwear!  It was a nice surprise gift for my husband. The verdict? He absolutely LOVES them!  It is like they were custom made just for him! I will definitely be telling my relatives and friends about your company. So thank you for designing a product that fits so well!   Fran K.

  Hello!  I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how happy my husband is with his recent orders.  When I first saw the ad in Bounder, I was curious, because I've been trying to find a brand/style that he can really be cool and comfortable in!  He's a golfer and I know he will really love his latest pair of 3Comfortable on those hot summer days!  I don't know how many men really think about their underwear, but I can tell you my husband, Mike, really appreciates the comfort they provide and I will definitely be buying him some more!  I also really appreciate the speed at which the orders arrived - within 24 hours of ordering!  Great service! And while they are expensive, I know they are well made (and Canadian to boot!) and so in our books, you get great value for money!    Mike and Rose Theriault 

   l have now worn the underwear for 2 full days at work. They are fantastic. Better than l expected, l will be ordering more later this week. Great innovation in these and they work as advertised.   Leo Maiorino

   Very comfortable and high quality underwear. l have two pairs now and use them for everyday use and when playing hockey. Wish l had these when l was playing rugby. l find the comfort-nest great for sports and the ambi-opening is the best design in any underwear l have. Great Job!   Michael Lambe

  You can expect a few more orders from me in the long run. l'm really happy with the quality of the product. l've worn them for volleyball and workouts - l can't wait to do the same for summer sports!   Ben Conrad

  Before last December, I was really in the dark about men's underwear. Prior to this, I was buying a myriad of underwear that were not up to the job. Then, I got to experience 3C underwear.

Organic cotton. Spandex main body. Mesh vents. Left and right front access. An awesome waistband. Colours like Red Moon, Blue Sea, Black Coal and my favourite Sand Stone.

I never knew underwear could be SO luxurious. I feel cool not only because the underwear is cool, but because it keeps me protected when it counts. I feel like a real man wearing real underwear.

If you make one New Year's resolution this year, make it buying 3C underwear. A special thanks to 3C, for making such an amazing Canadian-made product that keeps men cool, comfortable and confident.   Phil Brown

   Just wanted to let you know that when he's not going commando, Dave's wearing his 3C Confidents. He says they are fabulous and even keep his naughty bits snug and warm in the cold weather!  Now that's a testimonial!    Jill McCulloch

   Bought a pair, tried them and ordered six more pair. Hope to get the Christmas red ones. Very comfortable.   Lloyd Lystiuk

   3C underwear are the best I have ever worn.

When I first put them on, the high level of support and coolness were kind of startling. It was like going to Florida and putting shorts on. The support has helped me be comfortable sitting at home or in the car, and really great when I am ATVing. No more cushions on the seat.

After a couple of months, I decided to try out my old underwear to see if the difference was real. I was right back to the scrunching and itching, so it was pretty clear that 3C really does make a difference.

I have found that with time, the pouch has softened, and the boys can fall out. I think that size does matter, lol, and my next pair will be large rather than medium. Your advice on the website about checking the size against your real waist measurement is right on the money. The big difference is that the 3C underwear stays up, whereas the regular Marks stuff I used to wear, slides under the belly and lets a 35-36 like me, believe he is a 34.   Rick Kwissa

   Even after washing your 3c underwear a few times, they are the most comfortable I have worn to date. Therefore, I will be contacting you shortly to purchase another order. Thank you.   Pierre Parisien

   I tried my new underwear yesterday and really liked it.  The ball basket is amazing and keeps things from moving. I sleep in my underwear, so really got a good work-out.  Once a person tries them, I think they would be sold on the comfort.   Jim Ritchie

  Click Here 3C Review Robert Sauer

  Click Here for 3C Underwear Product Review in Bounder Magazine Brian Warren

  Thanks again to 3C Underwear for helping make our Terry Fox Run in support of Cancer Research a big success.  My 3C's kept me cool, comfortable and confident through the whole 10km.  Thanks for your 'support' !   Wayne Quesnelle

  I bought my husband two pair of the 3C underwear and he loves them. He said they were the most comfortable underwear he has ever worn. He had recently started wearing boxers for the freedom they offered but now prefers the 3C because they actually lift the package up and away from his body. He finds this much cooler and comfortable than boxers. And I find them much more attractive. Thank you.   Lorraine Murdoch

   The price seems at first expensive but when you compare the value comparison of comfort and extra features I feel it is well worth the cost

The underwear itself is snug but extremely comfortable material and easy on the skin, after putting up with underwear with either no opening or difficult to access, the opening in your pair is ingenious and extremely easy to access.

After wearing them through extremely hot and humid weather and hard exercise the vents work well.

The comfort of the pouch versus the tight and pressing cheaper pairs, I guess this feature will become the most noteworthy of them all according to the new study out. The study claims that male fertility is down 60% not only because of environmental issues but because of a leading cause of "too tight underwear".

So overall I'd say men's underwear has been undervalued forever because I guess it's not seen most of the time and guys never really think they could be improved from the cheap import stuff. After wearing these I would recommend for guys to treat themselves to a couple of pair and experience the difference.   Scott Falconer

   I bought a pair of the 3C underwear confident model. I can honestly say they are the most comfortable pair I have ever worn. They deliver on cool comfortable and confident, I wish they had been around when I was working.   Brian J Ford, Chief of Police (Ret.)

   How great are these eh?

I bought 3 pairs of 3C Comfort and I will be buying many more. Innovative design, top quality materials and ohhhh so comfortable. The design you created is superb. Legs do not ride up nor too tight. The birdcage works great and the horizontal slot is unique and so much better designed. Most importantly, 3C does not ride up your crotch.

I have dozens of pairs of SAXX and butt stuffing is usual when bending over to tee up a golf ball. I will be purchasing more on a SAXX replacement schedule. Congratulations on your engineering a better mousetrap.   James Thibert

   They are the most comfortable pair of underwear l have ever worn!   Gordon Russell

   Just bought a couple of pair to see what they were like.  I love them, they are light, do not bunch up around waist and I love the fly across the top rather than down one side of the front panel.  When I need more underwear I will be ordering some more 3C underwear.   Len Dowsett

  I am very happy with my new 3cool underwear. They perform exactly as advertised. I hadn't realized that premium underwear could make such an improvement in my comfort. Congratulations on a great product!   Ray Young

  I bought Rob a pair of these underwear and he loves them. I am planning on getting him a few more pairs! He said they are the most comfortable underwear he has ever worn. He said he wished he had these when he was playing hockey! Lifts his 'package' and extra air flow! Great underwear!! Check them out! Owners are great! Shop local!   Wendy Carkner

  Tried a pair - comfortable, well made and well thought out. Congratulations!   Leigh McBain

  3C protection is a game changer! Great design!    Chris French