Please read the following carefully before ordering and if you are still uncertain of size, please contact us.

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If you have ever ordered underwear online or purchased underwear in a store, you probably have experienced sizes that do not fit properly or did not fit at all for the size you expected. Underwear are not all made the same with respect to sizing charts.

We at 3C Underwear® want you to order what will fit you for the best overall experience with our style offerings.
3C Underwear® styles have been designed and sized to fit comfortably around the waist and legs for each size category below.

If you are between waist sizes and want a more snug fit, order a size lower, for a more relaxed fit order a size higher.

             Small  Medium  Large  XLarge  XXLarge             

             28-30    32-34    36-38    40-42      44-46


If you are still not sure of the size you want to order, measure your waist around where you normally wear your underwear or another unscientific way to gauge your size is to take a pair of your current underwear that you are comfortable in around the waist, lay them flat and measure the waistband left to right. In general what we found is that when measuring waistband sizes laying flat, left to right:

12.5-13 inches wide = Small

13.5-14 inches wide = Medium

14.5-15 inches wide = Large

16.5-17 inches wide = XLarge

17.5-18 inches wide = XXLarge

If you have any questions or require further details before ordering, please feel free to contact us.