Who Wears 3C Men's Underwear?

Once you have reviewed the three product offerings, the style functionality and the features and benefits offered, you will know which 3C Underwear style is best suited for you on any given day or night.

The bottom line is, the everyday man, in every vocation, may want to wear 3C Underwear®.

We had many testers from various vocations test the 3Confident style. The feedback received during prototype stages allowed us to make modifications and changes based on tester experience and feedback. The feedback was extremely helpful in final overall design of 3C Underwear®.

Our testers were from law enforcement and security, business/sales executives, golfers, caribbean traveler, landscaper, renovation owner, warehouseman, audio/sound technician, cottager and retiree. The tester ages ranged from 24 through to 65 years of age.

You owe it to yourself to try a pair of 3C Underwear®, it may put a smile on your face and change how good you can feel everyday!

Designed in Canada  -  Made in Canada